Puppy Preschool

Our puppy preschools are for all breeds from approx 8 – 18 weeks. The course aims to teach you, your pup and the whole family, all the basics and to help you through the puppyhood period, in preparation for adolescence.

During the first vital learning period, we provide you with the tools to raise a well mannered and happy pooch ! Our extensive course covers such things as:

  • Parvo and how to be safe
  • Nutrition
  • Teething
  • Toilet training
  • Home setup
  • Crate training
  • Child safety
  • Nipping and biting
  • Anxiety and spending time alone
  • Attention seeking behaviours
  • Dog drives and body language
  • Dog park safety
  • Basic commands
  • Introducing a cat or dog
  • An introduction to place training and getting use to a lead
  • Socialisation and desesnsitization to different sights, sounds textures and stimulus
  • What to do if your puppy is timid or too boisterous
  • and much more.

Your puppy will enjoy learning and playing in a controlled, indoor, safe environment. We will also prepare you for further training if you’de like to continue on to basic obedience.

We have a maximum of 6-8 puppies per class with 2-3 trainers at every session to ensure safety and to allow the more timid puppies a chance to build their confidence.

We encourage the whole family to attend !

Important Information

  • Proof of first vaccination required to attend. We will message you asking for this and if it is not provided you will NOT be permitted to attend any classes ! Non negotiable.
  • The first week is an intensive information session with a free puppy guide. No puppies attend this week but all attend weeks 2-4.


Clontarf, Samford, Ferny Grove, Lutwyche, Chermside, Burpengary, North Lakes, Morayfield (if not listed please ask)


  • $125 (inc. GST) for 1 Puppy
  • $230 (inc. GST) for 2 Puppies (SAVE $20)

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