What we do

From anxiety, barking, pulling on lead, aggression, reactivity, barking, jumping, puppy setup & all behavioural issues, obedience or a simple walk and feed. We offer a superior understanding of your pet & their needs. We are constantly increasing our knowledge and learning new techniques and passive methods – providing well balanced, passive and effective training for any dog & owner & any situation & issue.

What we do

Private Training

from $85

Our private training is catered to you, your dog and your families needs and goals.

What we do

Obedience Courses

4 week course $170

The course is designed for dogs of all breeds, 16 weeks and over, to give you a better understanding of your dog and increase your bond to develop a stronger relationship.

What we do

Puppy Preschool


Our 4 week puppy preschool course is designed for puppies of all breeds, up to approx 18 weeks.

What we do

Puppy Socialisation


Our puppy socialisation classes are designed for puppies up to approx 18 weeks as an add on or instead of puppy preschool for those who may not be able to afford it.


What we do


free or donation to a rescue

Every month we get together and go on group walks with our dogs, often followed by a relaxed coffee or cold drink ….as a way to encourage a little fitness, get outdoors, make a few friends, and allow some timid dogs and owners to build confidence in a comfortable, controlled setting. It’s also an opportunity to talk to our trainers and receive a few training tips.

In order to attend…

What we do

Walking & Sitting

from $33

Walking and sitting services available with and without obedience. We cater to your families specific needs in order to have a happy pooch