Kylie - Qualified Dog Trainer & Founder

KylieFounder and Nationally Certified in Dog Training and Behaviour

Kylie started in the pet industry around 6 years ago after an extensive customer service and security career.  She has volunteered with various rescue organisations and has studied through The National Dog Trainers Federation. She has helped many families and dog owners with a wide variety of behavioural issues including reactivity, aggression, general issues such as barking and digging, resource guarding, anxiety, obedience, confidence building, dog reactivity, fears and phobias, recall and listening skills, relationship building, enrichment, from puppyhood to adolescence, and training for older dogs also.

Kylie has her Dog First Aid Certificate and has attended seminars by Jay Jack, Chad Mackin, and many other world renowned trainers and as a result has a wide variety of skills and techniques. She works in conjunction with Moreton Bay Regional Council promoting a healthy and active lifestyle , responsible pet ownership and community involvement. As a dog trainer, she (and the team ) donate much of their free time to helping various rescue organisations such as Beagle Rescue Qld, SEQK9 Rescue, Chihuahua Rescue Qld, Top Dog Rescue, and many others, by offering free training and running events to raise money to assist in the retraining and rehabilitation of some our most neglected dogs.

Her passion for providing an affordable service that every day families can afford is what drove Kylie to create Dog Bizness. Kylie recognised the need for down to earth, honest, easy to follow training from a team that prides themselves on going above and beyond.

Jackie - Dog Trainer - Puppy Preschool Teacher - Brisbane

JackieQualified Vet Nurse 

Jackie as been a vet nurse for over 25 years. Her passion is teaching Puppy Preschool which she has been doing now for 14 years. She loves interacting with puppy mums and dads and creating a positive and rewarding bond between owner and dog.



Sharon - Dog Trainer - Brisbane

SharonDog Trainer

Sharon is passionate about the welfare of animals, and is dedicated to meeting the physical, mental, social and emotional needs of our canine companions. She is also the founder of her own Dog Enrichment Company. She loves conducting obedience and puppy Preschool classes and helping owners understand their furry friends at a higher level. Sharon is currently doing a Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training with The National Dog Trainers Federation.


Megan - Dog Trainer - Brisbane

MeganDog Trainer

Megan has always had an interest in animals and has been working with them for about 4 years now, spending a lot of that time as a kennel attendant in North Queensland. She took a special interest in dog behaviour and training after having to work through her own dogs behavioural issues. She is constantly increasing her skills and knowledge in order to provide extra information and knowledge at her obedience classes. Megan loves learning about dog training and enrichment, particularly the use of confidence building exercises such as trick training and nose work, so she can better help her own dogs and others.


Teegan – Dog Trainer

Having studied through The National Dog Trainers Federation, Teegan’s biggest passion is high drive and high energy dogs. She is constantly travelling to attend seminars to increase and update her skills.
Teegan has participated in many dog sports such as GRC, IGP, and practices methods learned from these sports on a regular basis. She also practices canine resistance training and works with dogs to rehabilitate after injury.
She has her own dog treadmill and springpole and has used these to help many dogs return to peak fitness.

Denise – Nationally Certified in Dog Training and Behaviour

Denise completed The Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training in 2018. She is currently pursuing veterinary medicine at the University of Queensland and has developed a keen interest in behavioural medicine. You will see Denise at our Puppy Preschools and Obedience classes at Chermside, as she furthers her studies.


Jules Assistant Dog Trainer

From a young age, Jules had the opportunity to care for a lot of unique animals. Her passion for dogs in particular, lead her to creating her own business – Bow-wow Boredom Busters- A Northside based Pet Enrichment, Exercise and Play service.  She is constanly learning about different ways to enrich dogs health – mentally and physically.Her enthusiasm for learning and teaching others is what she enjoys most about assisting at classes. She is also commencing training with the National Dog Trainers Federation.


Eevee Assistant Dog Trainer

Eevee has been working professionally with animals for 5 years. She began in pet sitting and rescue services.
She has also worked in many roles in animal welfare, veterinary clinics, grooming, dog handling at weddings, dog daycare and dog training.
She was awarded as a 2019 Brisbane Pet Services and Products Awards Finalist in the category of outstanding individual.
She is also studying with The National Dog Trainers Ferderation to become a qualified trainer.


Donna Dog Trainer, Obedience Trainer – 8 years experience

After owning and training mainly German shepherds most of Donna’s life, it was a change to giants – English mastiffs. Her first EM passed away at the early age of 2 years. The two current EMs she has are relatives of the first and are actually litter brother and sister. One privately adopted and the other rescued. Both are fully trained and assessed for pet therapy visits. Doona has been teaching obedience for 8 years.


Valerie – Dog Trainer

Studying through The National Dog Trainers Federation.




Anna – Dog Trainer Studying through The National Dog Trainers Federation.